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Jenelle Evans Calls Out Farrah Abraham For Allegedly Faking Her Relationship On Couples Therapy

1. "F--k loser boyfriends who use me! & can't face the truth!!" she wrote. "I can face the music.
Source: http://tv.yahoo.com/news/jenelle-evans-calls-farrah-abraham-allegedly-faking-her-205000973-us-weekly.html?pt=BureoF2GVB

Farrah Abraham Announces New Year's Resolution To Focus On 'Mind And Soul'

The singer later addressed the photos on radio show "Big Boy's Neighborhood" and brushed off the photo leak, claiming he wasn't ashamed of his body and has no regrets. Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane In 2009, Gawker posted excerpts from a "private" adult tape featuring "Grey's Anatomy" star Eric Dane, his wife Rebecca Gayheart, and former beauty queen-turned-"Celebrity Rehab" patient, Kari Ann Peniche. Reps for the couple claimed it was not a sex tape but rather a "fun" tape for "personal use." The excerpts can no longer be found on Gawker. Miley Cyrus Last summer, a suggestive photo of Cyrus in a tub made the Internet rounds. The singer's photographer friend Vijat Mohindra took the photo and displayed it on his website, even though Miley was only 18 at the time.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/02/farrah-abraham-new-years-resolution_n_4531184.html

Farrah Abraham Faked Relationship to Appear on 'Couples Therapy,' Fake Boyfriend Brian Dawe Comes Forward, 'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Responds

However, shes all alone and not accompanied by a boyfriend / partner, which pretty much goes against the name of the show. The man who was supposed to show up with her is DJ Brian Dawe, but hes come clean in a lengthy interview that his October romance with the reality star was fake from the very start, a set-up she arranged herself just so she could get on the show. One of the people who found out about Dawes interview is Farrahs former Teen Mom co-star Jenelle Evans, who isnt letting this opportunity of throwing her under the bus go by. I'm not even going to watch #CouplesTherapy now that I found out Farrah staged it entirely once again. #TiskTisk #FakeRelationship, she tweeted after the interview went viral, as cited by Us Magazine .
Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Jenelle-Evans-Calls-Out-Farrah-Abraham-for-Faking-Romance-to-Get-on-VH1-s-Couples-Therapy-413624.shtml

Farrah Abraham Back Farrah teen mom sex tape free Door Teen Mom Update [VIDEO] Slams Jenelle Evans Pregnancy On Twitter!

Like Us on Facebook Upon the announcement that Evans is pregnant with her second child after her first pregnancy was documented on MTV, the Back Door Teen Mom can't help slamming Jenelle's missteps. Does she actually believe putting down another mom make her appear to be a good parent? Abraham tweets: "I hope she is taking this pregnancy more serious with planning financial security, a stable home and saying goodbye to unproductive actions and saying hello to a better future." Jenelle takes a more direct approach when dissing Farrah and her heinous plastic surgery. But Abraham is passive- aggressive when it comes to berating Jenelle.Though The Back Door Teen Mom does have a point, Farrah is in no position to be throwing daggers towards anyone else's parenting methods. Farrah recently was quoted saying about her 4-year-old daughter: "It's healthy that we have a break.
Source: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/71538/20131231/farrah-abraham-back-door-teen-mom-update.htm

Brian Dawe Backs Out Of 'Couples Therapy,' Ruins Farrah Abraham's Fake Life

This to me was a substantial amount of money, but I decided to stick by my decision." Dawe went on to say that he did not decide to speak openly about the plan to hurt Abraham, but rather to bring focus to the problems with reality tv. "My only purpose for coming out against it is to clear my name and to take a public stance against the culture of exploiting people through reality television and the media. Reality TV is about as far from reality you can get." The always outspoken, and currently pregnant, "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans had something to say about the situation as well. Evans wrote on her personal Twitter account, "I'm not even going to watch #CouplesTherapy now that I found out Farrah staged it entirely once again.
Source: http://www.fashionnstyle.com/articles/14944/20140104/farrah-abraham-faked-relationship-appear-couples-therapy-fake-boyfriend-brian-dawe-comes-forward-teen-mom-2-star-jenelle-evans-responds.htm

Jenelle Evans Calls Out Farrah Abraham for Faking Romance to Get on VH1?s Couples Therapy

Just before filming was about to commence, Dawe had a change of heart. " I checked my bags and got into the airport security line," Dawe told Starcasm in an interview. "When I was in that line it really hit me what I was doing. I realized that lying was wrong no matter what the circumstance were, and decided my morals and integrity were worth more than any amount of money. I stepped out of the security line and made a life changing decision to stand up for what I believe in and turn down the check I would be receiving for my appearance on this show." After Dawe emailed the producers to let them know he was backing out, they offered him double his original fee.
Source: http://www.celebuzz.com/2014-01-03/brian-dawe-backs-out-of-couples-therapy-ruins-farrah-abrahams-fake-life/

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